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Rescue Care Takers


Founder / President

Ellen Pavlik

After working at a veterinary hospital for 30+ years, Ellen founded Joshua's house with the mission to help as many Goldens as possible. Over the years, she and her fellow volunteers have helped save hundreds of dogs from horrible conditions. They have helped bring those dogs into adoptable condition, and treat the dogs with as much love as one could ever need. 


Sharon Wilson

Sharon is a dear friend and fellow volunteer working at Joshua's House. Sharon will be the one to call if you have inquiries for adoption or surreders. Her number is 352-422-4341 - When leaving a message, please leave your name and phone number, as well as reason for calling. Thank you!



Joshua's house for Golden Retriever Rescue makes Educational & Fund Raising visits throughout the Central Florida area.

Ms. Ellen Pavlik, Founder & President of JHGRR, Mr. John Pavlik, Production Coordinator with the assistance of Ms. Sharon Wilson, Vice President & Adoption coordinator, Mr. Jim Wilson, Treasurer, and numerous Volunteers make every attempt to show visitors how important it is to provide every animal that is under their care a safe clean and healthy environment.

Many dogs have been rescued and medically treated by a Veterinarian and if the dog suffers from a disease or injury the dog is provided with every medical treatment available. Sometimes a medical bill  could reach over $8,000. AND THAT WAS FOR ONE DOG ONLY.

Educating people is very important. Animals suffer from neglect or are traumatised in different ways by uncaring owners. It is JHGRR mission to rescue as many of these dogs as possible and find Furever Homes for them. A home filled with love.
For the dogs that have serious and or continued medical issues JHGRR will keep these dogs in Permanent Foster Care where they will receive whatever is necessary to maintain their painless comfort.

Joshua is one of those dogs. He lost a leg when he was rescued by Ms. Ellen years ago and he still lives with Ellen & John. Ms. Bailey is another dog who lives with Ms. Ellen & John. Bailey is blind and needs eye drop medication twice a day, every day at a cost of $80.00 per month.

When you are visiting a dog event look for the large Joshua's House display. Stop over and say Hello. Everyone would enjoy talking to you and they will have a dog or two for the public to interact with.

Of course, donations are greatly appreciated and Yes we are a 501(c)3 approved charity organization that allows you to list your donation(s) on your IRS Income Tax form as a tax deductible donation.

Thank you for visiting with us today and hopefully you will continue returning to us as a JHGRR follower. Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE as well for daily updates