Joshua's House
Golden Retriever Rescue




Joshua's House for Golden Retriever Rescues mission is to rescue abused, unwanted, neglected or stray Golden Retrievers needing new homes. We will attend to their immediate medical needs and find the ideal permanent home for these dogs. If you are interested in adopting a Golden, see our available dogs page. We are a 100% volunteer run organization. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and run on donations alone.


Golden Apparel

Golden Apparel is donating 10% of its profits to Joshua's house in an effort to support the mission to save golden retriever lives! With every purchase of their apparel, you are helping save Golden Retrievers! 




Adoptable (3-4 years old)

Got all checked out great health. Got her teeth cleaned, now all sparkling
White. They feed a sloop to fatten up the dogs for the kill. Missy will now live a pampered loved life of a American girl.. She is maybe 3-4, spayed, sweet and lovable.😇💕🐾